My Body Benefit

Pamper your body with our comfort lifestyle products.

posture support belts

lumbar back cushions

ergonomic foot support

neck brace

knee / ankle / elbow /wrist support

Style Comfort Quality

Our products are made with the highest quality standards, comfortable to wear with the latest fashion trends in mind.    We insist on it!

Look the part

feel the part

play the part


Endless Benefits

Improved Posture

Feel Great

Look Amazing

Increased Self Confidence

Reduced Pain


Live Life to The Fullest

Get Socially Connected Again

Healthy Lifestyle 


Quality Products

Our products are sourced with the highest quality materials with every budget in mind. We care about you body comfort and well being. Check us out regularly to see what new and exiting products we have for you.


Secure Payment Option

We use a STRIPE as our secure payment option, so you can shop with peace of mind.  We value you privacy!

Take Complete Control

When you take care of your body you take control of your life. Our products are geard for before, during and after activity.

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Finally a store to cater to your body wellness!

- Ayaz Chatur, CEO

Can I suggest what products I want on "mybodybenefit"?

Please email us with what you want

Ayaz Chatur , CEO

Our mission is to keep you comfortable before during and after play!

- Ayaz Chatur, CEO


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